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We aim to create a positive change by offering bite-sized impact.


With a range of delicious plant-based food available everywhere, always. With always relevant menu items created for delivery with the hottest products, backed by data driven solutions. That is our recipe for success.

Royal options, fast-delivered



We loaded our menu with Royal options, specially for you, and the planet. 100% vegan, no concessions. Check out our options below.
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Franchise 3.0


Host kitchens, Dark kitchens, Ghost kitchens!?


With the rise of food delivery platforms, a new wave of kitchen operations have been developed that make better use of square meters and kitchen staff. Striving in food delivery is an efficiency game. Products and workflows need to be optimally designed, tested and validated. Working together in an efficient mix both online and offline. We've tested VBB for 4 years and this knowledge and best practices can be yours within weeks.


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