the Royal melt became the #1 most sold vegetarian dish on Deliveroo in 2001 and 2002.



Royal melt
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Meat the new standard


In the last years we optimized our "Meat" patty so that it is as close to meat as possible.
The biggest threat to humanity, is humanity itself. It’s our vision that making convenient, tasty and affordable plant-based options available at scale is the key to changing habits. Eating less meat simply benefits our planet.
The Legendary Royal

Not your regular(Chicken)  


Juicy, crunchy, 100% Chicken free. It can't get more free range than this.. Order yours now!


Chicken Royal __ 2021

Loads of deliciousness


Looking for an explosion of taste? It all starts with the richly filled Loaded. Vegan doner, delicious fries topped with our special sauces and toppings. Is your mouth watering already? Get your Loaded now!
social 5 __ 2021